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Comeback Story

May 11, 2020

Cam Smith is a spoken-word poet and frontman of the band Hotel Books. He’s also a certified suicide prevention counselor who’s spent 11 years touring, learning from thousands of people, what they actually need when they’re struggling. We talk about growing up in a small town and a Christian home being afraid to show emotion, How to find the right words for someone when you don't know what to say, Cam’s tips and unique perspective on living with anxiety, and his personal comeback story.

In this podcast interview, I sit down with Cameron Smith to talk about:

  • Growing up in Christian home - afraid to show emotion.
  • The difference between religion vs relationship and why some Christians struggle with religion
  • What cam Smith learned from  being on tour with Hotel books for 11 years
  • Why you're wasting your time if you are trying to “fix” someone with depression
  • Cam’s story of coming back from two attempted suicides and how he found his self-worth.
  • How Cam’s Journey with depression and anxiety has influenced Hotel Books Lyrics


This episode is for:

  • People who have struggled with depression since childhood, especially growing up in Christian homes.
  • People who don't know how to talk to someone or be there for someone that struggles with depression and anxiety.
  • Fans of Cameron Smith and the band Hotel Books

Best quotes:

“I was denying my potential by not dealing with my pain.” 

“A lot of people do need their problems fixed, But most people need to feel like they're being heard.”

“When feeling depressed or anxious, I refuse to make any big decisions….Don't act out of anxiety or depression and understand that you are bigger than those feelings.”  

Connect with Cam:

Cam’s new platform, Eloquilt

Cam smith on Instagram

Hotel Books on Spotify